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short film 2024

A grieving book publisher embarks on a Surrealist odyssey (a dérive) throughout New York City, experiencing a series of spontaneous connections before arriving at Coney Island, where a renegade circus duo help her release her ex-wife's ashes in a whimsical grief ritual. Shot in over fifteen locations throughout NYC, Dérive is a visual treatise on the art of wandering and a cinematic love letter to the oddball characters, serendipitous encounters, and hidden places that await us when we dare to wander.

:: Dérive :: 

A solitary composer hires a somatic grief doula after the death of his wife leaves him emotionally numb and unable to compose music.

short film 2023

:: Lullaby :: 

A documentary about the Shanghai Jews and one man's journey from yeshiva to Woodstock. 

short film 2023

:: Shanghai Baby :: 

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