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Lianne has over a decade of experience producing immersive events that enliven and inspire.

She has collaborated with artists, musicians, and thought-leaders from around the world. 


Director & Creative Producer, 2009-Present

Directed and produced over fifteen productions internationally ranging from site-specific theater in historic mansions to large-scale circus jazz operas; from living room dramas to erotic shadow plays. Developed new work in collaboration with writers, musicians, and performers. 

Artistic Director & Event Producer, The Fire Within, 2018-Present

Started a multidisciplinary event series featuring music, performance art, lectures, and workshops around the theme Eros. Program speakers, curate workshops, book artists and musicians, oversee marketing and ticket sales, design event flow and layout.

Event Producer & Program Lead, Whole Person Economy, San Francisco, 2018

Produced the program launch of WPE’s series on long-term economic thinking at the Long Now Foundation. Coordinated all logistics including venue, catering, marketing, documentation, & event flow. Programmed thought leaders from Institute for the Future, Center for Humane Technology, Buckminster Fuller Institute, and others.

Creative Consultant, Humans Are Heroes, 2018

Wrote show structure and episode format for upcoming docu-series on contemporary “heroes” who are changing the world through AI, genetic engineering, life extension, poverty eradication, regenerative ecology, and decentralized technology. Selected “heroes” to feature on the show. Helped film sizzle reel, design website, and create pitch-deck. 

CEO & Founder - The Writing Sage, 2015-Present

Online service that provides students and professionals with support at every stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to final revisions. Services include coaching, copywriting, ghostwriting, and editing projects such as research articles, memoirs, book projects, blog posts, website copy, and promotional materials.

Creative Consultant, Emursive, New York, 2014

Worked in collaboration with Broadway set designer David Korins (Hamilton) and creative producer Randy Weiner (Sleep No More) to design an immersive nightclub in Las Vegas. Co-created the vision for each stage of the experience. Compiled the storyboard and wrote the initial proposal, which garnered over $10 million in funding. 

Directing Fellow, Drama League Director’s Project - New York, 2013

One of four directors selected nationally to stage original work at the Hangar Theatre. Worked closely with professional composers, choreographers, and performers to create original work, including an adaptation of the film Amélie. Coached ensemble actors in the Lab Academy.

Itinerary Designer, Limitless Argentina - Buenos Aires, 2010-2012

Experience design and travel coordination for luxury travel company. Created customized itineraries for high-profile clients. Researched and curated unique travel experiences. Wrote detailed descriptions of places and activities and designed brochures to book new clients.


Program Director, Fundación de Arte Hacia La Vida - Buenos Aires, 2009-2011

Founded a community theater program for at-risk youth and adults in Argentina. Taught improv, playwriting, scenework, solo performance, and physical theater. Collaborated with local artists to stage original plays created by the ensemble. 


Project Coordinator, Foundation for Contemporary Art, Ghana - Accra, 2008

Created an arts mentorship program for street girls. Recruited local artists as mentors. Organized a series of workshops for mentees to learn new skills. Curated exhibitions of mentees’ work. Coordinated fundraising efforts with local nonprofits, international NGOs, and the Ghanaian government. 


California Institute of the Arts - 2016-2017 

Pursued a masters degree in immersive design, creative production, and integrated media.

Hive Incubator Program - 2016

Competitive yearlong business program for artist-entrepreneurs.

Yale University - Class of 2009

BA in Theater and Human Rights. Artistic Director of the Yale Drama Coalition. Tour manager of the improv comedy troupe Just Add Water. Gallery guide at the Yale University Art Gallery. 

Instituto Universitario Nacional del Arte, Buenos Aires - 2009-2011

Muralism, jewelry design, maskmaking, and puppetry

Rhode Island School of Design - 2005 

Painting intensive with classes in visual design, figure drawing, composition, and color theory. 


Fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese. 

Trained capoeira for 10+ years in the U.S. and Brazil. Certified Yoga instructor. 

Adobe Creative Suites, Google Suites, Microsoft Office, Asana, Slack, Trello 

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